Grade 3



The Grade 3 Level will provide the children individual and shared play activities. Learning through these experiences will allow them to:

  • Grow in their sense of independence by helping themselves;
  • Be at ease with others;
  • Express themselves orally as well as in artistic, musical, and other physical activities;
  • Follow simple directions;
  • Get stimulated in discovering in discovering their other domains of intelligence.
Ms. Ehden Petalio BG 108
Ms. Leah Camacho *BB 105
Ms. Marian Peña BB 204
Ms. Nerissa Hernandez BB 205
Ms. Cristina Aguila BB 206
Ms. Elenita Ramirez BB 208
Ms. Santa Embalsado BB 209


Asupre, Jenny Math 3
Cantos, Maricris MAPEH 1, 2, 3 and 4
Castro, Lerma Music 3
Del Mundo, Crisvelyn Language 3
Tapalla, Ruth MAPEH 1,3,4,5 and 6
Robles, Grace Filipino 3
Marquez, Rowena Science 3
Lumanglas, Remelyn Computer 1 and 3
Garing, Ruby Science 3