Grade 2



The Grade 2 Level will provide the children individual and shared play activities. Learning through these experiences will allow them to:

  • Grow in their sense of independence by helping themselves;
  • Be at ease with others;
  • Express themselves orally as well as in artistic, musical, and other physical activities;
  • Follow simple directions;
  • Get stimulated in discovering in discovering their other domains of intelligence.
Ms. Fe Mando BG 109
Ms. Rhea Pecayo BG 110
Ms. Rowena Marquez *BG 111
Ms. Verna Cuevas BG 112
Ms. Grace Robles BG 113
Ms. Arlene Jarque BG 114


Camitan, Marilyn CL 2
Cantos, Maricris MAPEH 1, 2, 3 and 4
De Villa, Mona Lisa CL 2
Martija, Daycel CL 2
Martija, Rowena Soc. Stud. 2
Tan, Olive CL 2
Jopia, Josephine CL 2
Lacerna, Jimwell Computer 2 and 4
Estrera, Jonalisa Soc. Stud. 2
Yanga, Edna CL 2
Maralit, Raquel Soc. Stud. 4 and 2
Pagulayan, Elizabeth SS 2
Jarque, Arlene Music 1,2,4,5,6 and Art 1,2
Gutierrez, Daniella SS 2