07/16/2015 – Grade 3 Assignment

1. No classes tomorrow- End of Ramadan

2. Review:
a. Cl- Basic Prayers in Filipino
b. Soc. Stud: Population of Batangas Province, see hand- out number 5
c. Science: Special Properties of Matter
d. Math: Roman Numerals
e. Reading: Spelling Words Set 1: Words with ei and ie
f. Language: Abstract and Concrete Nouns

3. Bring 1 short folder without fastener on Monday (Filipino)

4. BB 205 – 6:30 AM Mass sponsorship on Monday

Quiz (BB 108) – Music Rhythm, see hand- out

5. Books: Math, Science, Language,Reading (except 108 and 209)

6. Schedule of First Quarterly Test was given. Please be guided.

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