Grade 2 HBOL Activities – May 15, 2020


Dear Grade 2 students;

Good day! I hope that all is well with you and your family.

During the Fourth Quarter, we studied about robots and the different Parts of LEGO NXT. Today, I will be looking for TLE Masters. The TLE Masters for the Fourth Quarter will be determined after you answer the Achievement Test, I prepared. Kindly go to this site to answer the Achievement Test in TLE:

Have a great time answering the Achievement Test. Do not forget to review your answers. Good luck!

Take care, always.


Teacher Andi


Dearest Grade 2 students,

Good day to all! It’s Friday today! This will be our last HBOL for this school year. I want you to know that you have amazed me in so many ways. Though it is the shortest year of all, this year will be the most unforgettable year for me as your teacher. Thank you for doing your tasks online. Please continue to become a good Lasallian as you go to the next level. To end our school year, we prepared an Achievement Test to assess your learnings of the lesson. Please click the link below. Read and understand each question before ticking your answer.

I will surely miss all of you. Thank you once again!


Teacher Cristy and Teacher Beth