Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 14, 2020


Happy Thursday, Grade 3 students! I hope you are doing great today. I wish to congratulate and thank you for your performance during the third quarter and for your patience and cooperation in doing the online tasks for the fourth quarter.

For our final activity, you will answer an Achievement Test in order to measure the knowledge, understanding and skills that you have acquired during the fourth quarter. Just click on the link below.

Enjoy your vacation at home. Stay healthy and safe with your family. God bless!


Teacher Gina


Happy Thursday!

Thank you my dear Grade 3 students for a meaningful school year 2019-2020. I am very blessed and happy to be your MAPEH Teacher. Congratulations on your active participation in our home-based online learning. Keep up the good work!

To conclude our activities this 4th Quarter, please click the link below and answer our Achievement Test.

Always remember that Jesus in me loves you.

I miss you and love you all! See you next school year.


Teacher Makiz