Grade 2 HBOL Activities – May 14, 2020


Hello Grade 2 students! A blessed Thursday to all! Congratulations for all those efforts that you have exerted for this Fourth Quarter. I am happy to see how you help yourselves in this situation that we have. We were unable to finish our school year in the classroom, but you did it! You have proven that Lasallians are always ready to embrace changes and make a difference. You all deserve two thumbs up for your great efforts. I am happy to see you grow.

I hope you will always apply in your life all the learnings that you gain in all activities that you go through. In this journey, always remember that we have blessings every day. The opportunity to learn is one of those blessings that we should be grateful and thankful to God always in all ways.
Please click the link of the Achievement Test in Social Studies that you are asked to answer today. Good luck Grade 2.I know you can make it again. My advance congratulations to all of you.

Once again, stay happy and healthy. Let us always say thank you for the people who always help and love us. In these very difficult times that we are facing, I hope you will never stop praying. Let’s always hope for the best!
Thank you and God bless.

Teacher Rocky


Hello, my dear Grade 2 pupils!

It has been a wonderful and challenging school year for all of us. Many things happened which are beyond our control. But, I am happy that we surpassed all these undertakings. Thank you, kids, for doing your best since the beginning of our Home-Based Online Learning.

As we end our HBOL for this quarter and to assess your learnings in MAPEH, I would like you to answer our Achievement Test which can be accessed through this link:

Kids, it’s time to say “goodbye” for now. I have watched you grow, learn, and work. I am very proud of all of you. Every day with all of you has been an adventure and I will cherish those memories forever. Remember kids to make good choices in life and always be good!

God Bless You All!

Love: Teacher Arlene