Nursery 2 HBOL Activities – May 12, 2020

Hello children! Happy Tuesday! For today, you will be taking an enrichment activity as part of your Achievement test.
1. For Reading and Penmanship activity, kindly click the link below (or copy and paste the link in your address bar).

In Reading, you may write your answer in a piece of paper. In Penmanship, you may download and print the activity, then do the writing on the printed sheet. But if you do not have a printer, you may just write the letters on a lined paper. Then, let your family member take a picture of your answer in Reading and Penmanship activity, and send it to your teacher’s email address.

2. Achievement Test (AT) on Thursday : Math

Good luck and be safe little ones!

Love: Teacher Vee, Teacher Glenn. Teacher Mercelle and Teacher Jenny