Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 11, 2020


A blessed and peaceful day our dear grade 3 pupils.

It has been a wonderful and challenging Academic Year for all of us. Many events took place which are beyond our control, but still we believe that God has His plans for all of us, especially to you His beloved children.
As we end the HBOL for this 4th quarter, we want you to evaluate yourself regarding the growth of your friendship with Jesus. How have the lessons strengthen your love for God, for others and for our Church? This is also the perfect time for you to express your love for Jesus thru your love letter. All you have to do is to click the link below to access the Achievement Test.

Remember, you already have Jesus in you so continue strengthening that friendship and don’t forget to allow other people to see Jesus in you through your thoughts, words and actions. Continue to be good Christian Lasallians and pray fervently so that this pandemic may end soon so that we can finally celebrate your First Holy Communion. God bless you, Mama Mary loves you!

Goodluck our dear pupils and see next Academic Year!

Your teachers:
Teacher Gizelle (BB 204)
Teacher Elma (BB 205)
Teacher Edna (BB 206)
Teacher Marian (BB 210, BB 211, BB 212)

P.S. for our dear Parents,
Thank you very much for your unwavering understanding and support to us for the whole academic year but most of all during this HBOL. May God bless you and your family!


A blessed Monday to everyone!

Commendation to those who belong to the Science Wizards since Week 1 to Week 7 HBOL Activities! You’re Great!
Kids, it’s your “Showtime” today. Show to your teachers that ECQ is not a hindrance to learning but a challenge and opportunity for all of us to learn not only facts but also values. So let’s find out what did you learn in Science for the past 7 Weeks of HBOL through clicking the link below for you to get access to our Achievement Test.

Kids, read it with understanding and choose the correct answer. Thanks and God bless! Keep safe! Miss you and I love you all!

Teacher Lea