Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 11, 2020


A blessed morning Grade 1 pupils!

Congratulations for another wonderful and productive school year. To sum up our activity this 4th Quarter, kindly click the link below and answer our Achievement Test.

We wish you all the very best for your bright future, May you achieve success forever. May God’s blessings and love be with you as you are going to start a new journey of your life.
Dream, believe, wonder, inspire, love, nurture, and always listen. Even though the school year is over, just don’t forget the story of the pencil that I always told you.
“PENCIL (to keep you sharp). GRIP (for something to hold onto when the world seems tough). ERASER (to remind you that it is OK to make mistakes!)”.

Always remember them and never forget, and you will become the best pencil you can be. Believe in God, believe in yourself, and always follow your dreams. If you believe in yourself, God will help you in making all dreams come true. Take this opportunity to thank God for this success.

May God bless you and help you achieve your dreams. See you next school year!


Teacher Gizelle


To my dear grade 1 pupils,

A blessed day to you.
Hurray to all of you! I am very blessed and happy for being with you this school year 2019-2020. To conclude our activities this 4th Quarter, please click the link below and answer our Achievement Test.

Thank you for being good Lasallian students in our Science class. Keep up the good work in your next grade level. I will be missing you. I pray to God to keep you safe and always blessed. See you next school year.


Teacher Ruby