Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 8, 2020


My dear grade 3 students,

Hi! How are you, kids? I hope all is well. Kindly download the presentation from the given link below for the handicraft activity today:

Happy weekend everyone!

– Teacher Sam


Hello Lasallians! Congratulations to all those students who accomplished our formative assessment last week. We are on our last topic before the Achievement Test next week.
For today’s lesson you will learn about Equivalent Fractions. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Click the HBOL Grade 3 link:

2.Watch the uploaded video.
3. Read your book on pp. 255 – 259, then answer the exercises on pp. 260 – 262 (#s6-15; Practice #1-10).
4. Check your answers. (see Answer Key – May 8, 2020)

Thank you and may God bless us all!


Teacher Rhea & Sir Dennis

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Let’s Do Math, 4 EDU Powtoon. (2017, March 24). Equivalent Fractions, Retrieved May 3, 2020, from