Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 8, 2020


Good day Kids!
How are you today? I hope that you are all fine. Last week, you were given a task to read a handout about Creative Building which emphasizes ways in Building a Sturdy Structure Stationary Legos. Also, supplementary videos were given to you to have ideas on our topic. If you failed to access last week’s activities, kindly click this link:

For today’s activity, kindly answer the formative assessment through this link:
If you can’t access the google form, please click the link below and write your answers in your black (TLE1) notebook. Thank you and God bless!

All New Bricks (2019, July 23). Lego Ideas 21318 Treehouse Speed Build [Video file]. Retrieved from
Bricklover18 – BRICKS Media (2018, July 14). DO THESE LEGO BOATS FLOAT? #2 [Video file]. Retrieved from
George, J. (2018, June 18). 6 COOL THINGS YOU CAN BUILD WITH LEGO [Video file]. Retrieved from
longbentoncollege. (2009, November 13). RCX Lego building a car [Video file]. Retrieved from


Hello Kids! How are you? I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

This Friday, we are going to study about “Telling Time”.

Please use the link below for the power point presentation and kindly follow the instructions given.
For the seatwork (formative assessment), answer pages 318-319 of your Math book. (nos.5-11)

Thank you everyone!

Have a blessed day ahead!

Love lots,

Teacher Nel