Grade 2 HBOL Activities – May 7, 2020


Happy Thursday again Grade 2! We are now approaching our final week for the SY 2019-2020. We should be grateful because in spite and despite the pandemic that we are still experiencing until now, we manage to be healthy and safe. We owe all those strengths to our Creator! We have so many blessings that we should be grateful to God. I am happy to see how you progress even we are not in the classroom.

Thank you so much for your active participation in our home-based online learning. I am hoping too that all those learnings will be put into action.

For today, you are requested to do the following tasks:
1. Click the link below for the PPT Presentation of our topic.
2. Then, do page 229 A and B on your Filipino Treasure book.

Stay happy and healthy everyday! Always smile and pray.

Thank you and God bless.

Teacher Rocky


Hello, Everyone! Happy Thursday once again kids!
How are you? I’m sure you are all having more quality time with your family members. Time flies so fast kids! We are now on the seventh week of our Home-Based Online Learning. I want to commend you for a job well done in doing your weekly tasks even if you are at home.
Today, we will have our lesson on Movement Activities Related to Objects. Here are the learning tasks, that you may do:
1. Read and understand the PowerPoint presentation on this link:

2. Download and answer the formative assessment that can be found on the same link.

With this, I want you to remember this quote:
“Seven Days without exercise makes one WEAK!!!”

Keep safe and stay healthy! May God bless us all!

Love: Teacher Arlene