Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 7, 2020


Topic: Me and My School (On My Way to school)

Hi! Hello! Good day my dear Grade 1 students. I hope you are doing well.
Today, you will read with understanding the lesson on pages 382-384 (Figure This Out) of your book.
In this lesson, it is important that you know the distance of different things in your surroundings like: How far is your house from De La Salle Lipa?
After reading, you may answer pages 380-381. Then, you may check your answers.
Remember that if your house is near the school, you can take a walk in going to school, but if your house is far, then you have to take a ride.

Thank you and God bless!


Teacher Beth


A blessed Thursday Lasallians!
It’s the 7th week of our Fourth Quarter. Last week in Art, you were able to learn about the “Principles of Design”. If you failed to access last week’s activities, kindly click this link:

Today, we are going to have our new lesson in Health about “Safety at Home, in School and to Animals”. To access today’s activity, kindly click the link below.
“If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email me ( Thank you and God bless.”


Teacher Twyla