Kinder HBOL Activities – May 7, 2020

1. Math – Telling Time
Happy Thursday everyone. For today’s Math activity you are going to learn about telling the time. You may click the link or copy the given link on the new browser.
Make sure to download the file and be able to press the play /speaker button in each slide.
Have fun reading and answering with your family. God bless always pray and eat healthy foods.

2. Arts – God Healing Kit Making
Good day Kinder Pupils! Our activity today is related to our lesson last Monday in CLCE. Remember the bible story about Miracles of Jesus? Kindly go back to the power point presentation you have seen last Monday. This time you will be making a God healing kit. For more information, please go back to the link again. You may click (or copy and paste in your address bar) the link below to view the power point presentations then download the files and click slide show

Enjoy the activity!


Teacher Jennny, Teacher Jo, Teacher Shella and Teacher Olive