Kinder HBOL Activities – May 5, 2020

1. Reading – Long vowel sounds
Good morning, kids. It’s another READING Day.
For today we will have an enrichment activity on all the long vowel letters we have learned. Please click (or copy and paste in your address bar) the link below to view the PowerPoint presentations then download the files and click slide show:
Please follow the sequence in opening the presentations:
1. Review – Long Vowel Sounds
2. Game 1 – Long Vowel Sounds
3. Game 2 – Long Vowel Letters
After going through the PowerPoint Presentations, please read the words with long vowel sounds on page 213 of your Reading book, then answer page 214.
2. Penmanship
For our Penmanship today, please do page 216 of your Reading book.

Leones, J. C. & Lopez, C. P. (2014). Learning to Read and Write 2. Quezon City:SIBS Publishing House, Inc.

Thank you!

Love: Teacher Jenny, Teacher Mercelle, Teacher Jo, Teacher Shella and Teacher Olive