Grade 3 HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020


Hello, Grade 3 students! It’s Social Studies time again!
I hope you are doing well at home with your family.
Today, you are going to learn about the Products and Goods of the MIMAROPA Region. Please read the handout before answering the assessment in your notebook thru the link below. You may check your work using the provided answer key. Good Luck!
Remember to stay healthy, wash your hands frequently and pray very hard with your family. Thank you and God bless!


Teacher Gina


Happy Thursday my dear Grade 3 students! I hope that you are doing well.
For today, you are requested to do the following:
1. Read with understanding the handout about “Still Life Painting”.
2. Kindly answer the formative assessment in your MAPEH notebook.
3. If you have art materials at home and you want to practice how to make a still life painting, you may watch the video about “Step by Step Still Life Painting” as your guide. You may compile your artwork in your MAPEH notebook.
You can access the learning materials, by clicking this link:

Stay happy, healthy and safe!

Pray and always remember that God loves you!


Teacher Makiz


Dear grade three students,
Hi! How are you kids? I hope all is well. Kindly download the presentation from the given link below for the activity today:

Happy weekend everyone!

– Teacher Sam


Good day Lasallians! We hope everyone is doing well.
For today’s lesson you will learn about Comparing/Arranging Fractions. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Click the HBOL Grade 3 link: (open folder Thursday)

2. Read and understand the power point presentation.
3. Answer the formative assessment in your notebook. (see folder Formative Assessment – Week 6)
4. Check your answers. (see folder Answer Key – April 30)

Thank you and may God bless us all!


Teacher Rhea & Sir Dennis