Grade 2 HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020


Hello there Grade 2 kids! Good Thursday morning again to you. I am so happy to know that you are always giving your best when it comes to your work at home and school. I hope that you will always apply your learnings to whatever situations that you have now. Yes, our ECQ (Enhance Community Quarantine) is extended. We will also extend our patience and our prayers. Together as one, we will prove that Lasallians always can!
For today, you are requested to do the following tasks:
1. Click the link below for the PPT Presentation of our review/topic.
2. Then, do page 222 – Enrich on your Filipino Treasure book.

Stay happy and healthy everyday! Always smile and pray.

Thank you and God bless.

Teacher Rocky


Good day, kids!
I hope all is well. Before we proceed with our activity, I want to commend you for a job well done in doing your weekly tasks and thank you for spending your time learning even if you are at home. I admire all of you kids for showing your interest and willingness to learn.
Today will be the continuation of what you learned last Thursday.
1. As part of the review activity, please click the link and be able to watch a short video clip on Elements
of Art (see ART 2-APRIL 30, 2020).

2. For your formative/enrichment activity about the topic, just click this link:

Let us continue to pray that this Covid 19 pandemic will end soonest and everything gets back to normal.

Stay safe, healthy, and resilient, Everyone!

Love: Teacher Arlene


Dear Grade 2 students;

Good day! I hope that all is well with you and your family.

Today we will be reviewing the different parts of LEGO NXT. Kindly go to this site to see the PowerPoint Presentation:

After studying the presentation, kindly answer the formative assessment in this site:

Take care, always.


Teacher Andi


Dearest Grade 2 students,

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and safe all the time.

Today, we will have Math time because tomorrow is Labor Day. Do you know what Labor Day means? It means a holiday in honor of working people.

I prepared a PowerPoint presentation about Arranging Fractions. You will arrange unit fractions and similar fractions in this activity. At the end of the presentation, please do the bookwork exercises. Just click the link and you will find the PowerPoint presentation and video clips about arranging fractions.

Thank you, my dear students, for always doing your formative assessments. God bless you all!


Teacher Cristy and Teacher Beth

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