Nursery 2 HBOL Activities – March 31, 2020

Hello children! How are you today? Let’s all be safe, healthy and enjoy the rest of the day! Do not forget to pray everyday!
Reading: Letters Cc & Gg
From the video you have seen from the last assignments about letters Cc and Gg, you may now answer the given bookwork activity on pages 104, 105 and 106.
Answer key:
For page 104:
Car –Cc
Doll –Dd
Helicopter – Hh
Note –Nn
Grasshopper –Gg

For page 105
Picture that must be encircled:
Nn – nail
Dd –dog
Gg – guitar
Hh – hammer
Cc – cone

For page 106
N – n
D – d
G – g
H – h
C – c