Grade 3 Assignment – August 27, 2019

1. Wear any green or white shirt paired with jeans tomorrow.
2. Wear Type B uniform on Thursday and PE Uniform on Friday.
3. Quizzes
a. Math – (BB 212) Place Value/Value/Expanded Form and Writing Numbers/Money in words and in Symbols
b. Filipino – (ALL) Pagbibigay ng Detalye/Elemento ng Kwento/Salitang Magkasalungat at Magkasingkahulugan
c. Soc Stud – (BB 204, 206) Philippines as an Archipelago, see handout
4. Review
a. Math – (except BB 205, 212) Writing Money in Words and in Symbols
b. Soc Stud – (BB 205) Philippines as an Archipelago
c. English – Vowel Dipthongs
5. Books: English