Nursery 2 Assignment – May 9, 2019

1. A letter about Grade School Honors’ Assembly was given.
2. On Fun Day (attendees)
Please be guided by the given Schedule.
3. Vacation starts on Monday.

Reminders for the Preschool Family Fun Day (N1, N2, K)
1. Preschool Family Fun Day is on May 10, 2019, Friday, 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM at the Sports Center.
2. Attendance checking will be done at the Sports Center.
3. Come in decent comfortable playing attire (strictly rubber shoes only). Please be guided by the color codes assigned for each class.
Nursery 1- BB 106 1st- red, BB 101 2nd- yellow, BB 102 2nd- blue
Nursery 2- BB 101 1st- orange, BB 102 1st- green, BB 103 1st- violet, BB 103 2nd- pink
Kinder- BB 201 1st- brown, BB 202 1st- black, BB 203 1st- gray, BB 203 2nd- white, BB 106 2nd- maroon
4. Kindly bring your own snacks. Have something to share for the lunch (Agape Feast). Please support our BYOU project (Bring Your Own Utensils, tumbler and container).