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Nursery 2 HBOL Activities – April 29, 2020

1. Mathematics: Addition Using set of objects
In today’s lesson you will be learning to add numbers using set of objects
Kindly click the link (or copy and paste the link in your address bar):

After seeing the power point kindly answer pages 122 – 123 and page 126 of your Mathematics book.

Reference: Nursery Tracks (2015, September 19). Counting Songs – Learning Addition. Retrieved April 24, 2020 from

2. Art /Self – Help Skills
For the past weeks, you spent time making simple crafts, for today you will not be doing an art activity but rather you will learn simple life skills that will help you develop independency. You will be learning how to pour grains from the cup. Pour as associated with the letter Pp that we’ve studied and grains for letter Gg. We will be happy seeing your video again while doing this simple life skill. You may send it to your teacher’s email or messenger.

Kindly click the link (or copy and paste the link in your address bar):

Love: Teacher Vee, Teacher Glen, Teacher Mercelle and Teacher Jenny

Nursery 1 HBOL Activities – April 29, 2020

Hello children! Happy Wednesday! We are glad because you are all fine and healthy! Our free structured day will be on Friday. So for today, kindly click the link below (or copy and paste the link in your address bar):

Kindly refer to the folder for this week, Week 6 – April 27-30. God bless us !

Love: Teacher Vee and Teacher Glen

Grade 3 HBOL Activities – April 28, 2020


Hello Grade 3 kids! Start each day with a happy heart!

Let us make this quarantine period as an opportune time to communicate with God through praying. We pray for God’s guidance to keep all the people especially our family members safe and healthy. We continue to trust God because He is merciful and good.

The knowledge about Phrases and Sentences is important when we communicate. For this week, read the provided handout about “Phrase, Sentence and Parts of a Sentence”. Then, answer the Formative Assessment in your notebook.

Keep safe and God bless!


Magandang araw sa inyo mga bata,
Kumusta na kayo? Sana kayo ay palaging ligtas sa anomang karamdaman at malusog ang inyong pangangatawan.

Maraming salamat sa paglalaan ninyo ng oras sa pagsasagot sa mga formative assessments na ipinadala namin sa inyo. Mabuhay! Napakahusay talaga ninyo!

Ngayong araw na ito ay pag-aaralan natin ang Uri ng Pangungusap Ayon sa gamit. Tingnan ito sa inyong Batayang Aklat sa pahina 468. Pagkatapos, sagutan ang Pagsanayan Mo 1 at Pagsanayan Mo 2. Isulat sa Batayang Aklat ang inyong mga kasagutan.

Pagkatapos ay i-click lamang ang link na ito para sa kopya ng Susi sa Pagwawasto.

Hanggang sa muli at pagpalain kayo ng Poong Maykapal.


Teacher Tina at Sr. Max

Grade 2 HBOL Activities – April 28, 2020


Hello kids! Happy English day! How was your weekend? I hope you still enjoy your life as a student and as a kid though you are observing the “Stay at Home” situation that we are all in. I’m sure you are all having more quality time with the members of your family, that’s very good! Like any battle, this Covid 19 pandemic shall also pass and we will all be living a normal life, hopefully soon. Let’s all be one in praying for the safety of everyone especially our frontliners.

We are now on the sixth week of the Fourth Quarter. For today, you will learn how to sequence series of adjectives.
Keep safe!
Keep praying!
Keep learning!


Teacher Fe & Teacher Cris

Tasks to accomplish:
1. Read and understand the order of the adjectives on page 392. For easy recall of the order, you may use the acronym DOSSAC (discover it).
2. Answer Exercises A and B on pages 393-394; Test Yourself on page 407.
3. Check your answers honestly by referring to the provided answer key.

Key to correction:
A. 2. three big vases
3. several long bridges
4. a big park
5. a busy wide street
6. two beautiful fountains
7. a few modern flyovers
8. many happy people
9. any high-tech gadget
10. many colorful hats
11. an interesting idea
12. several huge toys
13. a ten-year-old boy

B. 1. Correct
2. The big green bin is for the garbage that decays.
3. Correct
4. Correct
5. Correct

Test Yourself
1. four large black television sets
2. three small blue chairs
3. two new red vendo machines
4. one palm-sized white computer
5. several cordless white earphones
6. an affordable white vacuum cleaner
7. a more powerful larger food processor
8. the more expensive terrific cellular phone

Angeles, Evelyn B and Bambico, Alicia R. Rainbows in English 2 (2019) Quezon City Philippines Vibal Group, Inc


Mga Minamahal kong Mag-aaral

Magandang araw.
Kumusta na kayo mga anak? Nawa’y kayo laging masaya, ligtas at malusog ang katawan.
Maraming salamat nga pala sa pagsasagot ninyo ng ating mga formative assessments. Binabati ko kayong lahat dahil sa matagumpay ninyong natatapos ang ating mga lingguhang gawain.
Noong nakaraang linggo ay pinag-aralan natin ang Pang-angkop at para sa araw na ito ay pag-aaralan namin natin ang tungkol sa mga Pangatnig.

Narito ang link para sa ating aralin sa linggong ito

Mag-iingat kayo palagi. Patuloy nawa kayong pagpalain ng Poong Maykapal!


Titser Grace at Titser Ruby

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – April 28, 2020


Good day, kids! Today is Tuesday and it means another session for English and Filipino.

For today, our lessons In English are about “Phrases and Sentences” while in Filipino, we will also learn about “Parirala at Pangungusap.”

Kids, do you know that these lessons are just the same? We will just translate in Filipino what you will learn in English. Awesome, right?

That is why Teacher Cris, Teacher Ella and Teacher Jem decided to introduce to you the lessons at the same time.

We hope that you will have a meaningful understanding of the two topics. Have a blessed day, kids! Keep safe and in good health always. We hope to see you really soon.


Teacher Cris, Teacher Ella and Teacher Jem

NOTE: For the activities to be done, kindly click the link below.

Kinder HBOL Activities – April 28, 2020

1. Reading – Long vowel u

Good morning, kids. It’s another READING Day. I hope and pray that everyone is happy, healthy and safe. Let us keep on praying for everybody.
Our lesson for today is the Long Sound of the Vowel U. Please click (or copy and paste in your address bar) the link below then download the PowerPoint presentation:

After going through the PowerPoint Presentation and the videos, please read the words with long u sound on page 208 then answer pages 209 – 211

Thank you.


For our Penmanship today, please open the prayer found at the link and copy it at the back of your violet notebook.

Thank you!

Love: Teacher Jenny, Teacher Mercelle, Teacher Jo, Teacher Shella and Teacher Olive

Nursery 2 HBOL Activities – April 28, 2020

Reading: Letters Pp and Qq

1. Last week you learned about letters Jj. and Kk and the sound and pictures that begins with it. Now here’s another video about letters Pp and Qq. From this video you will see a short story about Letter Pp and Qq. Enjoy watching the video and at the same time learn the letters.

Please download this. Below the slide, go to Slide show.

After watching the video, kindly answer pages 73 – 74 for letter Pp and pages 113 – 115 for letter Qq, of your Reading book.


MacMillan Education India (2017, August 25). Alphabet Stories | Letter P Princess Pearl | Macmillan Education India. Retrieved from

English Singsing (2019, October 22). Phonics Story Q – English Story – Educational Video for Kids. Retrieved from

Practice writing letters Pp and Qq on lined paper.

Love: Teacher Vee, Teacher Glen, Teacher Mercelle and Teacher Jenny