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Grade 3 HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020


Hello, Grade 3 students! It’s Social Studies time again!
I hope you are doing well at home with your family.
Today, you are going to learn about the Products and Goods of the MIMAROPA Region. Please read the handout before answering the assessment in your notebook thru the link below. You may check your work using the provided answer key. Good Luck!
Remember to stay healthy, wash your hands frequently and pray very hard with your family. Thank you and God bless!


Teacher Gina


Happy Thursday my dear Grade 3 students! I hope that you are doing well.
For today, you are requested to do the following:
1. Read with understanding the handout about “Still Life Painting”.
2. Kindly answer the formative assessment in your MAPEH notebook.
3. If you have art materials at home and you want to practice how to make a still life painting, you may watch the video about “Step by Step Still Life Painting” as your guide. You may compile your artwork in your MAPEH notebook.
You can access the learning materials, by clicking this link:

Stay happy, healthy and safe!

Pray and always remember that God loves you!


Teacher Makiz


Dear grade three students,
Hi! How are you kids? I hope all is well. Kindly download the presentation from the given link below for the activity today:

Happy weekend everyone!

– Teacher Sam


Good day Lasallians! We hope everyone is doing well.
For today’s lesson you will learn about Comparing/Arranging Fractions. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Click the HBOL Grade 3 link: (open folder Thursday)

2. Read and understand the power point presentation.
3. Answer the formative assessment in your notebook. (see folder Formative Assessment – Week 6)
4. Check your answers. (see folder Answer Key – April 30)

Thank you and may God bless us all!


Teacher Rhea & Sir Dennis

Grade 2 HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020


Hello there Grade 2 kids! Good Thursday morning again to you. I am so happy to know that you are always giving your best when it comes to your work at home and school. I hope that you will always apply your learnings to whatever situations that you have now. Yes, our ECQ (Enhance Community Quarantine) is extended. We will also extend our patience and our prayers. Together as one, we will prove that Lasallians always can!
For today, you are requested to do the following tasks:
1. Click the link below for the PPT Presentation of our review/topic.
2. Then, do page 222 – Enrich on your Filipino Treasure book.

Stay happy and healthy everyday! Always smile and pray.

Thank you and God bless.

Teacher Rocky


Good day, kids!
I hope all is well. Before we proceed with our activity, I want to commend you for a job well done in doing your weekly tasks and thank you for spending your time learning even if you are at home. I admire all of you kids for showing your interest and willingness to learn.
Today will be the continuation of what you learned last Thursday.
1. As part of the review activity, please click the link and be able to watch a short video clip on Elements
of Art (see ART 2-APRIL 30, 2020).

2. For your formative/enrichment activity about the topic, just click this link:

Let us continue to pray that this Covid 19 pandemic will end soonest and everything gets back to normal.

Stay safe, healthy, and resilient, Everyone!

Love: Teacher Arlene


Dear Grade 2 students;

Good day! I hope that all is well with you and your family.

Today we will be reviewing the different parts of LEGO NXT. Kindly go to this site to see the PowerPoint Presentation:

After studying the presentation, kindly answer the formative assessment in this site:

Take care, always.


Teacher Andi


Dearest Grade 2 students,

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and safe all the time.

Today, we will have Math time because tomorrow is Labor Day. Do you know what Labor Day means? It means a holiday in honor of working people.

I prepared a PowerPoint presentation about Arranging Fractions. You will arrange unit fractions and similar fractions in this activity. At the end of the presentation, please do the bookwork exercises. Just click the link and you will find the PowerPoint presentation and video clips about arranging fractions.

Thank you, my dear students, for always doing your formative assessments. God bless you all!


Teacher Cristy and Teacher Beth

Let’s Do Math. (2017, May 22).Comparing and Ordering Fractions for Beginners. Retrieved April
26, 2020 from
Ryan Higbea. (2013, Feb. 25). Ordering Unit Fractions. Retrieved April 26, 2020 from
Tagle-Ditablan J. M., Castro, N. T. et al. (2017). Realistic Math. Quezon City: Sibs
Publishing House, Inc.

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020


Topic: Me and My School (My School Map)

Happy Thursday my dear Grade 1 students. It’s a great day to all of us because its Social Studies time again.
Do you still remember the exact location of your classroom and the place where you are seated?
Today, you will read with understanding the lesson on pages 374-376 (Figure This Out) of your book.
In this lesson, you will learn about the things in your classroom, and its location, as well as the location of the different offices in our school.
After reading, you may answer page 375 (a-d and e-i).

Remember to know the distance between the parts of the school. In this way, we will know how long we need to walk from one part of the school to another part. If we know this, we will not be in a hurry.

Thank you and God bless!


Teacher Beth

Answer Key

Answers may vary.


Good day Lasallians!
It’s Thursday again, meaning we have MAPEH session. Last week, you were given a formative assessment about natural colors. Today, we are going to have our new lesson about “Principles of Design”. To access today’s activity, kindly click the link below.

Inside the google drive folder, you will be able to see the following:
1. Fourth Quarter-Week 6- Principles of Design (Handout)
2. Fourth Quarter-Week 6- Principles of Design (Activity)
*Kindly do the activity in any available paper you have.
3. Supplementary Videos
3.1 Video 1-Harmony in Colors
3.2 Video 2-Principle of Rhythm in Art
3.3 Video 3- Principle of Balance in Art


Teacher Twyla


A blessed day Lasallians!
I hope that you are doing well. Last week, you were given an activity which aims to check your understanding on RCX Lego Parts. For today’s activity, I prepared a handout about Creative Building which emphasizes ways in Building a Sturdy Structure Stationary Legos. Also, I attached supplementary videos that will help you more in understanding our topic. To access today’s activity, kindly click the link below. Thank you and God bless.


Teacher Twyla

All New Bricks (2019, July 23). Lego Ideas 21318 Treehouse Speed Build [Video file]. Retrieved from

Bricklover18 – BRICKS Media (2018, July 14). DO THESE LEGO BOATS FLOAT? #2 [Video file]. Retrieved from

George, J. (2018, June 18). 6 COOL THINGS YOU CAN BUILD WITH LEGO [Video file]. Retrieved from

longbentoncollege. (2009, November 13). RCX Lego building a car [Video file]. Retrieved from


Hello Kids!
How are you?
We are down to our second to the last topic for the Fourth Quarter. This time, we will be learning about “Basic Shapes and Figures”. I know that you already have a background of these topics from your Preschool years and ART subject with Teacher Twyla.

Please use the link below for the PowerPoint presentation and kindly follow the instructions given.
For the seatwork (formative assessment), answer pages 247-250 of your Math book. Answer Keys were also attached inside the link.

Thank you everyone!

Have a blessed day ahead!

Love lots,

Teacher Nel

Kinder HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020

1. Language – A and an
Hello Kinder students! I hope you’re feeling great! Today we will study about the use of a and an. Kindly click the link to view the PowerPoint presentation (download the file and click slide show).

After reading, click the link below to answer the Formative Assessment in Google Sheet.

Thank you and Stay safe!

2. Filipino – Parirala at Pangungusap
Noong nakaraang araw, inaral natin ang Parirala at Pangungusap. Ngayon naman, ay aaralin natin kung paanong umunawa sa isang binasang Maikling Kwento. Iklik lamang ang link na ito para masagutan ang mga pagssasanay.

Salamat at mag-ingat tayo lagi.


Teacher Jennny, Teacher Mercelle, Teacher Jo, Teacher Shella and Teacher Olive

Nursery 2 HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020

1. Language: This I s, That is, These are, Those are
Good morning children. I hope you are all well with your family as you stay at home. You have watched last week a video about the pronoun He, She, it and They now we will be learning another set of pronouns This is, That is, These are and Those are.
Kindly click the link:

Periwinkle { 2016, September 27 } Using This – These – That – Those | Grammar Grade 1 | Periwinkle; Retrieved April 24, 2020 from

2. Filipino: Titik Pp at pantig at Titik Rr at pantig ra – ru
Sa nakaraang video ay natutunan ninyo ang tunog at, mga larawan na nagsisimula sa titik Nn at pantig na – nu at titik NGng at pantig nga – ngu. Ngayon naman ay ang inyong matutunan ay ang titk Pp at pantig pa – pu at titik Rr at pantig ra – ru. Panoodin ninyo ang bidyo na ito.

I click lamang ang mga link na ito:

Pagkatapos manood ng bidyo ay buksan ang aklat sa Filipino at sagutan ang mga pahina bilang 119 -121 para sa titik Pp at pantig pa – pu at pahina bilang 123 – 125 para sa titik Rr at pantig ra – ru.

Teacher LCM (2019, January 9). P | Letrang Pp | Mga Salitang may P part 2. Kinuha noong Abril 24, 2020 mula sa

Sojo, W. (2019, April 21). Rr | Mga Bagay na May Titik Rr | Tutorial | PAGPAPANTIG # 46. Kinuha noong Abril 24, 2020 mula sa

Answer Key:

Para sa pahina 119: Bakitin ang pantig na Pa – Pu.
Para sa pahina 120: Mga may kulay: Pari, Pinya, Pera, Pana, Puno, Paso
Para sa pahina 121:

Salamat mga bata! Nawa’y may natutunan kayo mula sa mga bidyo na napanood.


Tchr. Glenn, Tchr. Vee, Tchr. Mercelle, at Tchr. Jenny

Nursery 1 HBOL Activities – April 30, 2020

Hello children! We are glad because you are all fine and healthy! For today kindly click the link below (or copy and paste the link in your address bar):

Kindly refer to the folder for this week, Week 6 – April 27-30

God bless us !

Love: Teacher Vee and Teacher Glen

Kinder HBOL Activities – April 29, 2020

1. Math -Subtraction
Happy Wednesday everyone. For today’s Math activity you are going to learn subtracting 1-3 digit numbers without regrouping. You may click the link or copy the given link on the new browser.

Make sure to download the file and be able to press the play /speaker button in each slide.
Have fun reading and answering with your family. God bless always pray and eat healthy foods.

2. Arts – Paper boat folding
Good day Kinder Pupils! Our activity today is related to our lesson last Monday in CLCE. Since you have watched a bible story about Noah’s Ark, this time you will be making a boat ark. You may watch either of the 2 videos below for your reference.
1. ARK CLS Ltd –Just for Fun!. (2016, May 12). How to make an Ark. Retrieved April 27, 2020 from

2. Creative Thinking Skills. (2016, October 19).Origami For Kids (kindergarten) – Boat Ark. Retrieved April 27, 2020 from

Enjoy the activity!


Teacher Jennny, Teacher Jo, Teacher Shella and Teacher Olive