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01/29/2016 – Grade 3 Assignment

1, Haircut inspection on Monday.

2. Use small bag during Mass Dance practices.

01/29/2016 – Grade 2 Assignment

1. Use small bag with the following until Friday

a. assignment notebook

b. bottled water

c. extra t-shirt

d. towelette

e. snacks/ packed lunch

f. Mass card

2. Haircut inspection

01/29/2016 – Grade 1 Assignment

No assignment

01/29/2016 – Kinder Assignment

1. Schedule for next week:
a. February 1-5 – Mass Dance Practices
PM classes will come in the morning.
7:00 a.m.- Assembly Time
11:15 a.m.- Dismissal Time

b. Use small bag. Bring Orange notebook, pencil, extra shirt, snacks, extra water and HAT/ CAP.

c. There will be no Computer classes next week.

2. Looking ahead:

a. February 8 (Monday)- No classes: Chinese New Year

b. February 13 (Saturday)- Mass Dance Presentation

c. February 15 (Monday)- No classes in lieu of February 13 attendance

d. February 29- March 2- Kinder 4th Quarterly Test

e. March 7-11- Placement Test/Recognition Practices

f. March 14-18- Recognition Practices

g. March 22- Kinder Recognition Day

3. Haircut inspection on Monday (Boys only)

01/29/2016 – Nursery 2 Assignment

No Assignment

01/292016 – Nursery 1 Assignment

Bring a Red small pack of sequins on Monday

Daily Bulletin 01/29/2016