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Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 15, 2020


A blessed Friday Lasallians!

Today is the 8th week of the Home-Based Learning and the last day of the school year. To the parents, thank you for allowing me to be your child’s teacher. It has been a wonderful and rewarding year for me. To my pupils, I want to thank each of you for all the warmth, the memories, and the learning that we have shared this school year 2019-2020. For the closing activity this 4th Quarter, kindly click this link below and answer the Achievement Test in

I wish for you to keep learning, blessed, and safe. See you next school year!


Teacher Twyla



To my Dear Grade 1 pupils,

Congratulations for the amazing and unforgettable school year with you. Today marks the last day of our Home- Base Online Learning (HBOL). But instead of having your lessons in Math just like how it used to be, we will only have an Achievement Test. This test will serve as your assessment of the learnings you had gained from our Fourth Quarter Topics. This will be a way of identifying and understanding the effectiveness of our Online Learning.

Thank you kids for a wonderful year with you. Though it’s a short year for us, it cannot change the fact that we share a lot of happy and fun memories together. Always remember not to fear Mathematics, because it is fun and easy if you think it is. Just like our prayer says always remember to ADD, SUBTRACT, MULTIPLE and DIVIDE: Add love to everyone especially this pandemic crisis, Subtract worries and fears, instead continue to pray every day, Multiply good works to others as doing good is being good and Divide your blessings and share them to others especially those who need it the most.

Love you all kids! Hoping to see you all soonest! God bless everyone! 


Teacher Nel

Achievement Test Link:

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 14, 2020


A blessed Thursday my dear Grade 1 students!

Congratulations to all of you! I am very grateful for being with you for this school year.
The home and the school are parts of your environment. It is important that you should take care of your home and your school.

For our last activity this Fourth Quarter, please click the link below and answer our Achievement Test.

Be happy, healthy, and strong.

Thank you and God bless!


Teacher Beth


To my dear Grade 1 pupils,
A blessed day to you. The final days are here and there’s nothing to fear! This year was way too cool. You learned so many new things, just wait and see what next year brings.

To conclude our activities this 4th Quarter in MAPEH, kindly answer our Achievement Test by clicking this link:

I’m glad I was your teacher and I’ve come to love you. Remember all the fun we had and all the things we did. But most of all remember that you’re a very special kid. Thank you for all the memories and I wish you all the best.


Teacher Twyla

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 12, 2020


Good day, my dear Grade One students! It’s Tuesday once again but this time we won’t have any lessons to discuss. It is because we have come to an end to wrap up all the lessons you had during our Home-Based Online Learning.

Please remember to take your time in answering your Achievement Test in English. Be sure to read the questions twice and review your answers before submitting them.

Before you start taking your exam, Teacher Cris would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I take joy and pride in having you in my English class. Let me start with these lines again, my beloved Grade One students.

“EYES HERE, kids!”

“EYES THERE, Teacher Cris!”

Do you remember these lines, kids? This is how we always start our sessions in class.

I will be missing all your stories and ideas, your imagination and creativity, your jokes and laughter, your excitement in willingness to try new things, your kindness and friendship but most especially your hugs and smiles.

I have witnessed your transition from being preschoolers into graders and grown-up children. I have watched you learn and grow. You worked so hard and at the same time you had such fun.

CONGRATULATIONS, my dear Grade One students! You have strived and did your best in attaining the competencies and skills needed in this grade level. I would like you to know that I am so proud of you. Please take all the values and learnings you have gained from our English class.

I miss you, my dear One students! Keep on learning kids because no one can take it away from you. See you next school year! Always choose to stay happy, healthy and safe. God bless you always.

Lots of love and care,

Teacher Cris

Achievement Test Link:


Mga Minamahal Kong Mag-aaral sa Unang Baitang,

Magandang araw mga bata! Kumusta kayo? Nawa ay nasa maayos kayong kalagayan at nawa ay laging kayong masigla. Una sa lahat nais ko kayong buong galak na batiin dahil sa inyong masigasig na paggawa ng mga gawain sa HBOL ng Filipino with Mother Tongue 1. Nawa ang mga aral na inyong natutunan ay magamit ninyo sa pakikipagtalastasan at pagsulat. Bilang paglalagom ng talakayan sa ika-apat na markahan at upang masukat ang inyong natutunan nais kong sagutan ninyo ang pagsusulit sa natamong kabatiran (Achievement Test) na matatagpuan sa link na ito

Maraming salamat at nawa ay patuloy na yumabong ang inyong kasanayan sa wikang Filipino. Nawa ay patuloy kayong pagpalain at pangalagaan ng ating Poong Maykapal. Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita.


Teacher Ella / Teacher Jem



Our Achievement Test in MAPEH will be on May 14, 2020 (Thursday).

TOPICS included:

ART: Shapes (Organic and Geometric) and Principles of Design (Harmony, Rhythm, and Balance)

HEALTH: Safety at Home, in School, and to Animals

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 11, 2020


A blessed morning Grade 1 pupils!

Congratulations for another wonderful and productive school year. To sum up our activity this 4th Quarter, kindly click the link below and answer our Achievement Test.

We wish you all the very best for your bright future, May you achieve success forever. May God’s blessings and love be with you as you are going to start a new journey of your life.
Dream, believe, wonder, inspire, love, nurture, and always listen. Even though the school year is over, just don’t forget the story of the pencil that I always told you.
“PENCIL (to keep you sharp). GRIP (for something to hold onto when the world seems tough). ERASER (to remind you that it is OK to make mistakes!)”.

Always remember them and never forget, and you will become the best pencil you can be. Believe in God, believe in yourself, and always follow your dreams. If you believe in yourself, God will help you in making all dreams come true. Take this opportunity to thank God for this success.

May God bless you and help you achieve your dreams. See you next school year!


Teacher Gizelle


To my dear grade 1 pupils,

A blessed day to you.
Hurray to all of you! I am very blessed and happy for being with you this school year 2019-2020. To conclude our activities this 4th Quarter, please click the link below and answer our Achievement Test.

Thank you for being good Lasallian students in our Science class. Keep up the good work in your next grade level. I will be missing you. I pray to God to keep you safe and always blessed. See you next school year.


Teacher Ruby

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 8, 2020


Good day Kids!
How are you today? I hope that you are all fine. Last week, you were given a task to read a handout about Creative Building which emphasizes ways in Building a Sturdy Structure Stationary Legos. Also, supplementary videos were given to you to have ideas on our topic. If you failed to access last week’s activities, kindly click this link:

For today’s activity, kindly answer the formative assessment through this link:
If you can’t access the google form, please click the link below and write your answers in your black (TLE1) notebook. Thank you and God bless!

All New Bricks (2019, July 23). Lego Ideas 21318 Treehouse Speed Build [Video file]. Retrieved from
Bricklover18 – BRICKS Media (2018, July 14). DO THESE LEGO BOATS FLOAT? #2 [Video file]. Retrieved from
George, J. (2018, June 18). 6 COOL THINGS YOU CAN BUILD WITH LEGO [Video file]. Retrieved from
longbentoncollege. (2009, November 13). RCX Lego building a car [Video file]. Retrieved from


Hello Kids! How are you? I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

This Friday, we are going to study about “Telling Time”.

Please use the link below for the power point presentation and kindly follow the instructions given.
For the seatwork (formative assessment), answer pages 318-319 of your Math book. (nos.5-11)

Thank you everyone!

Have a blessed day ahead!

Love lots,

Teacher Nel

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 7, 2020


Topic: Me and My School (On My Way to school)

Hi! Hello! Good day my dear Grade 1 students. I hope you are doing well.
Today, you will read with understanding the lesson on pages 382-384 (Figure This Out) of your book.
In this lesson, it is important that you know the distance of different things in your surroundings like: How far is your house from De La Salle Lipa?
After reading, you may answer pages 380-381. Then, you may check your answers.
Remember that if your house is near the school, you can take a walk in going to school, but if your house is far, then you have to take a ride.

Thank you and God bless!


Teacher Beth


A blessed Thursday Lasallians!
It’s the 7th week of our Fourth Quarter. Last week in Art, you were able to learn about the “Principles of Design”. If you failed to access last week’s activities, kindly click this link:

Today, we are going to have our new lesson in Health about “Safety at Home, in School and to Animals”. To access today’s activity, kindly click the link below.
“If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email me ( Thank you and God bless.”


Teacher Twyla

Grade 1 HBOL Activities – May 5, 2020


Good day, kids!

It’s Tuesday once again! It means another session in both English and Filipino.

Let us review our lessons last week which were about “Phrases and Sentences” and “Parirala at Pangungusap”.

Kindly refer to this link.

Then, please answer the Formative Assessment that we prepared for you. Use your English and Filipino notebooks.

Do not forget to write your answers neatly and legibly.

We hope that amidst the ECQ you’re still able to learn new things and apply them meaningfully in your own lives.

May God bless you all! We miss you and we hope to see you soon. Stay safe, little ones.


Techer Cris, Teacher Ella and Teacher Jem