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Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 15, 2020


My dear grade 3 students,

Hi kids! I hope all are feeling great today. Before we end our fourth quarter, kindly click the link to answer the achievement test about handicraft today:

To access the achievement test, please sign in with any google account available. The student can answer the test with more than one attempt but the first submission will be the one to keep for the analysis of the AT result.

Good luck and happy weekend everyone!

– Teacher Sam


Hello Lasallians! Thank you for accomplishing all your HBOL activities from Week 1 – Week 7. Commendation is given to all of you for doing a great job this quarter.
For today, you are going to show what you have learned in Math by answering the Achievement Test. You may review first all the lessons that we had this quarter before clicking the link below. Goodluck!

Please click the link below to access the Achievement test.

As we end this SY19-20, we would like to say thank you for always showing your best in everything that you do. Despite of the many challenges that we encountered, still, you did not give up on learning even if you are just in the comfort of your home. We do hope that you continue what you have started and always be the best that you can be. Always remember that we love you. See you all next school year!

Thank you and may God bless us all!


Teacher Rhea & Sir Dennis

Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 14, 2020


Happy Thursday, Grade 3 students! I hope you are doing great today. I wish to congratulate and thank you for your performance during the third quarter and for your patience and cooperation in doing the online tasks for the fourth quarter.

For our final activity, you will answer an Achievement Test in order to measure the knowledge, understanding and skills that you have acquired during the fourth quarter. Just click on the link below.

Enjoy your vacation at home. Stay healthy and safe with your family. God bless!


Teacher Gina


Happy Thursday!

Thank you my dear Grade 3 students for a meaningful school year 2019-2020. I am very blessed and happy to be your MAPEH Teacher. Congratulations on your active participation in our home-based online learning. Keep up the good work!

To conclude our activities this 4th Quarter, please click the link below and answer our Achievement Test.

Always remember that Jesus in me loves you.

I miss you and love you all! See you next school year.


Teacher Makiz

Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 12, 2020


A blessed day our dear Grade 3 kids!

Congratulations and thank you for your efforts to accomplish all the academic tasks in English. We, your teachers, are always proud of your achievements. Wishing you all the best in everything you do to become excellent Lasallian learners. May God bless you and help you achieve your goals in life.

To conclude our learning activities for the Fourth Quarter, kindly click the link to access the Achievement Test.

Please read each question carefully before ticking your answer.

Good luck!


Magandang araw sa inyo mga bata! Kumusta kayo? Nawa ay maayos ang inyong kalagayan at malusog ang inyong pangangatawan. Binabati ko kayo ng buong galak dahil sa inyong husay at pagiging masigasig sa pagsasagot ng mga gawain sa HBOL sa Filipino with Mother Tongue 3. Nawa, ang mga aral na inyong natutunan ay magsilbing inspirasyon para sa inyong paglago at gamitin ito nang wasto sa pakikipagtalastasan at pagsulat.

Bilang paglalagom ng talakayan para sa Ika-apat na Markahan at upang masukat ang inyong natutunan, nais kong sagutan ninyo ang Pagsusulit sa Natamong Kabatiran (Achievement Test) na matatagpuan sa link na ito

Maraming salamat at nawa ay patuloy na yumabong ang inyong kasanayan sa Wikang Filipino. Nawa ay patuloy kayong pagpalain at pangalagaan ng ating Poong Maykapal.

Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita .


Teacher Tina/Sir Max



Our Achievement Test in MAPEH will be on May 14, 2020 (Thursday).

TOPICS included:

ART: Colors (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Tints and Shades) and Painting (Landscape and Still Life)

PE: Movement Activities Relating to Person

Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 11, 2020


A blessed and peaceful day our dear grade 3 pupils.

It has been a wonderful and challenging Academic Year for all of us. Many events took place which are beyond our control, but still we believe that God has His plans for all of us, especially to you His beloved children.
As we end the HBOL for this 4th quarter, we want you to evaluate yourself regarding the growth of your friendship with Jesus. How have the lessons strengthen your love for God, for others and for our Church? This is also the perfect time for you to express your love for Jesus thru your love letter. All you have to do is to click the link below to access the Achievement Test.

Remember, you already have Jesus in you so continue strengthening that friendship and don’t forget to allow other people to see Jesus in you through your thoughts, words and actions. Continue to be good Christian Lasallians and pray fervently so that this pandemic may end soon so that we can finally celebrate your First Holy Communion. God bless you, Mama Mary loves you!

Goodluck our dear pupils and see next Academic Year!

Your teachers:
Teacher Gizelle (BB 204)
Teacher Elma (BB 205)
Teacher Edna (BB 206)
Teacher Marian (BB 210, BB 211, BB 212)

P.S. for our dear Parents,
Thank you very much for your unwavering understanding and support to us for the whole academic year but most of all during this HBOL. May God bless you and your family!


A blessed Monday to everyone!

Commendation to those who belong to the Science Wizards since Week 1 to Week 7 HBOL Activities! You’re Great!
Kids, it’s your “Showtime” today. Show to your teachers that ECQ is not a hindrance to learning but a challenge and opportunity for all of us to learn not only facts but also values. So let’s find out what did you learn in Science for the past 7 Weeks of HBOL through clicking the link below for you to get access to our Achievement Test.

Kids, read it with understanding and choose the correct answer. Thanks and God bless! Keep safe! Miss you and I love you all!

Teacher Lea

Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 8, 2020


My dear grade 3 students,

Hi! How are you, kids? I hope all is well. Kindly download the presentation from the given link below for the handicraft activity today:

Happy weekend everyone!

– Teacher Sam


Hello Lasallians! Congratulations to all those students who accomplished our formative assessment last week. We are on our last topic before the Achievement Test next week.
For today’s lesson you will learn about Equivalent Fractions. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Click the HBOL Grade 3 link:

2.Watch the uploaded video.
3. Read your book on pp. 255 – 259, then answer the exercises on pp. 260 – 262 (#s6-15; Practice #1-10).
4. Check your answers. (see Answer Key – May 8, 2020)

Thank you and may God bless us all!


Teacher Rhea & Sir Dennis

Reference: YouTube
Let’s Do Math, 4 EDU Powtoon. (2017, March 24). Equivalent Fractions, Retrieved May 3, 2020, from

Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 7, 2020


Hello, Grade 3 students! It’s Social Studies time again!
I hope all is well with you and your family. Thank you and congratulations for doing your weekly tasks. I hope that you have learned many things even if you are away from school.
We are on our last week of HBOL activities. So for today, you will continue learning about the Products and Industry of One’s Province and Region. Please read and understand the powerpoint presentation before answering the assessment in your notebook. Just click on the link below. Good Luck!
Stay safe and God bless!


Teacher Gina


Hello kids, Happy Thursday! Congratulations for doing so well in your online activities in MAPEH. Keep it up!
For today, you will be asked to:
1. Read with understanding the handout about Road Safety Awareness, click the link below.

2. After reading the handout, kindly answer the formative assessment in this link.

Stay happy, healthy and safe!


Teacher Makiz

Grade 3 HBOL Activities – May 5, 2020


Good day Grade 3 kids! Let us continue to find positivity in everything we do and to keep on praying for God’s guidance and protection especially during this COVID 19 pandemic period. In addition, let’s not forget the importance of keeping ourselves healthy and well by eating nutritious foods and having adequate sleep or rest.
Stay happy, healthy and safe!

Please click the link below:


Magandang araw sa inyo mga bata,

Kumusta na kayo? Palagi kong hangad ang inyong kaligtasan at malusog na pangangatawan sa tuwina.

Binabati ko kayo sa ipinakita ninyong husay sa pagsasagot sa nakaraang formative assessment. Mabuhay! Pagpalain kayo ng Poong Maykapal.

Ngayong araw na ito, ay pag-aaralan natin ang Bahagi ng Liham at Uri ng Liham Pangkaibigan.

I-click lamang ang link na ito para sa handout at pagsasanay.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, tingnan ang Ang Ating Aralin sa inyong Batayang Aklat sa mga pahina 379-380, 400, 419-420 at 436. Pagkatapos, sagutan ang Pagsanayan Mo 1, mp. 380-381. Isulat sa Batayang Aklat ang inyong mga kasagutan.
Hanggang sa muli at pagpalain kayo ng Poong Maykapal.


Teacher Tina at Sir Max